Waterside Ben II

Dales Gelding

HOYS Winner 2011

Owner - Miss Tracey Milward


1st Open bsps croft top

1st & Champion Qualified The Royal International Area 6.

Qualified Torne Valley Supreme.

1st & Champion Qualified HOYS Derbyshire Festival

Reserve Champion, Torne Valley 1000 Supreme

5th The Royal International Horse Show

1st Staffs Country festival , Olympia Semi Final


Glebedale Ding Dong

Section C Stallion

HOYS Cuddy Winner 2012

Owner Mr. & Mrs. Walker

1st Novice BSPS, a large mixed height class with 25 entries

3rd Area 6 Royal International Qual

2nd Area 17 Royal International Qual

1st & Champion Inhand Welsh Hambleton

1st & Qualified Royal International Hambleton

1st & Qualified HOYS Derbyshire Festival

1st Welsh C stallion Gt Yorkshire show

1st & Champion North of England in hand

1st Staffs Country Festival, Olympia Semi Final

6th Horse Of The Year Show, NEC Birmingham

1st & Champion Tudar Rose Welsh Show, Ridden Performance Medal

Lochlands Gypsy Baron

Licensed Highland Colt

3 Year Old Colt

Owner Miss Tracey Milward.

1st & Reserve Champion Cheshire County Show.

1st Dun/Palomino in hand n.o.e

1st & Champion in hand n.o.e

5th 1000 in hand Supreme n.o.e

Coldwell Danny Boy

Section D Stallion

Owner Mr. J. Golbourne

1st Bsps Area 2B show, Warren Farm

Laithehill Tango

Section B Gelding

Owner Mrs. A. Bradley




Jula Peace Keeper

Section B Stallion

Owner Dr. R. Elliott

1st NPS Novice Barton

1st novice & reserve champ bsps 1a

1st novice northern welsh selby

1st open/rest & reserve champ northern welsh

1st open/rest croft top

1st and Qualified The Royal International Hereford Marches

1st Qualified HOYS, TSR Onley

2nd Lincolnshire Show Hoys

7th The Royal International Horse Show

1st & Res Champion Nps Area 4

8th Horse of the Year Show, NEC Birmingham

1st & Champion Lancashire Welsh show, Ridden Performance Medal

Larnleighs Dictator

Section D Stallion

Owner Mrs. Nicki Oldershaw

Produced by Nicki and ridden by

Tracey Milward and Rebecca Penny for 2013

1st & Champion Area 5, Quaified HOYS

1st & Qualified Royal International Staffordshire

2nd Olympia Semi Final



Laithehill Jazz

Section B Stallion

Owner Mrs A. Bradley


1st BSPS A/B Barton

1st open mixed breeds bsps area 1a Richmond

1st and Reserve Champion Royal International Qualifier N.O.E.

Qualified Torne Valley Supreme.

5th HOYS Qualifier, Nps Area 5

1st Horse of the Year show Qualifier , Nps Summer championships.


Townend Faithful

Fell Gelding

Owner - Mrs. H. Hanson

1st & Qualified Royal International Hambleton

2nd Royal International Qualifier Cumbria

2nd & Reserve Champion Royal International Qualifier Richmond

5th Lincolnshire Hoys

2nd Gt Yorkshire show Hoys

1st & Champion.. Bsps Area 2b.. Olympia Semi Final

2nd Nps Area 4,Snuggy hoods Open Ridden

3rd Horse of the Year Show Qualifier, Monmouth

Kastanjehof Hurricaine

Welsh Section A

Owner.. Mr S Walker

Qualified Hoys Gt Yorkshire show